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What we do:

  • Neural network models training.
  • Intellectual visual analytics — object detection & recognition.
  • Human detection and visual scene analytics.
  • Action recognition.
  • Preparing data-sets including synthetic data.
  • Developing software and software-hardware systems of technical vision.

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Most interesting projects we have in this field:

1. Automatic control of products on a high-speed conveyor on a Danone plant.

  • Detection of incorrectly printed expiration date.
  • High-speed conveyor — over 11 products per second.
  • Accuracy more than 99%.

Video demonstration of this system (unfortunately with Russian comment only)

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2. Automatic control of manual assembly of turbocharger on a Kamaz plant (largest Russian truck factory).

  • Automatic control of whole process of turbocharger assembly.
  • Action recognition.
  • Detection, classification and localisation of all parts on scene.
  • Recognition of assembly errors.

Video demonstration of this system

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3. Dress-code control in retail store

Our skillset

  • Deep Learning frameworks, libraries & tools: TensorFlow, TensorFlow Lite, MXNet, Keras, cuDNN, NVIDIA TensorRT.
  • Data analysis tools & libraries: Pandas, scikit-learn, numpy, SciPy.
  • Computer Vision Libraries: OpenCV, PIL.
  • Visualization tools & libraries: TensorBoard, matplotlib, Jupyter notebooks.
  • Environment management system: Anaconda, Docker.
  • OS: Linux, Mac OS, iOS, Android.
  • Programming Languages & SDKs: Python, C/C++, Golang, Java, Object-C, Swift, iOS SDK, Android SDK, Android NDK.

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